Tiny Surveyor

Price on Application


Full control for surveying, stake-out and pre-marking

  • Optimised for premarking and height measurements
  • Reduces you workload with 75%
  • Compatible with Leica
  • Sprays with aerosol cans and points with laser
  • Supports LandXML and CSV
  • Long-range remote controllers
  • Coordinates can be collected and saved for future jobs
  • Display with job details and status
  • Automatically generates curves, straight lines and parking areas
  • Status indicator is visable from a long distance
  • The robot is light and can be transported without much effort
  • 5/8 inch bolt to an easily ,mounted prism or RTK GPS
  • Store coordinates on a USB stick and plug it into the robot and you are ready to work
  • The robot goes swiftly to all designed coordinates



The TinySurveyor is built in a strong 25 mm lightweight aluminium frame, capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions. With the large 12 inch high traction tires, the TinySurveyor can manage uneven playing fields, and mark most wet pitches

Spray tool

The robot is equipped with a spray tool that supports any standard size aerosol can. You can use the same cans as you are already using. The only change you might need to do is to replace the nozzle with a standardised nozzle delivered with the robot.

Remote control

A remote control is delivered with the robot. The remote control allows you to switch between autonomous mode and manual mode. Manual mode is used to drive the robot between different locations, e.g. from the vehicle to the first stake out point. The remote control also allows you to configure the robot and facilitate your work in the field.

Additional Information


  • Maximum speed 7km/h
  • Fire and forget, totally autonomous
  • Operating time on a single battery life is more than 8 hours
  • The robot can operate on any type of even ground
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User Friendly Remote Control
  • Red laser for marking visible in daylight
  • Spray using replaceable aerosol can. Spray tool can handle any size of aerosol can and height to ground can be adjusted
  • Fast, reliable and repeatable markings
  • Weight without battery: 18kg
  • Battery Weight: 4kg




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