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Main Features::

  • Improved image quality. The image quality of the panoramic images and the
    detail images has been improved and the image artifacts are significantly
    reduced. In addition to the quality improvement, the image file sizes are
    reduced, which results in faster import in Cyclone REGISTER 360 and faster
    upload to Reality Cloud Studio.
    • The detail images are 70% smaller.
    • The non-compressed higher quality panoramic images are 75%
    smaller, which significantly reduces the scan file size.
  • The compressed panoramic images file size is unchanged.
    These improvements are thanks to a new image compression format being
  • The point cloud coverage improvement is now automatically applied to all
    scans. This generally improves the point cloud coverage in certain areas and
    surfaces, like translucent surfaces. This option was previously configurable
    in the device webpage.
  • Increased data security with a new authentication mechanism. The
    connection to the device from BLK2GO Live app, Cyclone REGISTER 360,
    BLK Data Manager, BLK ARC-UI or any other application connecting to the
    device is now more secure.


  • For BLK ARC integrators only: firmware version 3.2.0 is not compatible with
    module API version 0.7.0. A new module API will be released soon. In the
    meantime, please do not upgrade the firmware on BLK ARC in order
    continue having firmware and API compatibility.


Available to Download on MyWorld!

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