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Leica CC200 Controller
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New product Leica CC200 Tablet

Meet the new Leica CC200 tablet within the Geomatics division. The rugged 10’’ Windows 10 Leica CC200 is a high-performance tablet with a long-lasting battery designed to be used in any weather conditions. Used in combination with Leica Captivate field software,…
1st May 2024

Leica BLK2GO & BLKARC Firmware update v3.2.0.

Main Features:: Improved image quality. The image quality of the panoramic images and the detail images has been improved and the image artifacts are significantly reduced. In addition to the quality improvement, the image file sizes are reduced, which results…
6th September 2023

Leica BLK2FLY Firmware update v2.2.0.

Main Features: GNSS Denied Environment Flights: Now able to fly in GNSS denied areas, Indoor Mode: It is now possible to fly in an indoor setting Image Quality Improvements: Better low light performance   Available to Download on MyWorld!
6th September 2023
Leica BLK2GO

Leica BLK2GO & BLK ARC Firmware Version 3.0.0

Main Features: Network connectivity. It is now possible to configure the BLK2GO and BLK ARC connectivity. The BLK2GO and BLK ARC Wi-Fi can be disabled Improved USB connection. It is now more reliable to establish and keep the connection while…
5th December 2022
Leica Infinity

New Leica Infinity Release – v4.0.2 Now Available

What are the main features coming with v4.0.2? Support for SnakeGrid derived coordinate systems Improved IFC support for creating surface objects Input and display of bearing directions Many additional features and improvements described in the release notes
1st December 2022
Cyclone 3DR
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Leica Cyclone 3DR

Leica Cyclone 3DR is a seamless extension of the Cyclone product family which works hand in hand to take users from field data collection with Cyclone FIELD 360 and Cyclone FIELDWORX through registration in Cyclone REGISTER 360 and deliverable creation in Cyclone 3DR. Cyclone 3DR fuses JetStream technology…
9th June 2021
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