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Utility Detection | GPR

Leica Detection and Safety Controllers are designed for precision, efficiency, and reliability in surveying and construction. These controllers integrate seamlessly with our utility detection equipment, guaranteeing accurate data collection and processing.

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How Do You Detect Underground Cables?
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To detect underground cables, professionals use cable locators with advanced features like GPS connections, signal transmitters, and digital signal processing. 

These tools pinpoint cable locations by measuring signal current and depth estimation, enabling precise utility detection and reducing asset damage risks.

Automatic Controls and Digital Signal Processing

Our controllers offer advanced automatic controls and digital signal processing, ensuring precise measurement of underground utilities. Their GPS connection and the latest Bluetooth technology facilitate seamless data transfer and connectivity on construction sites.

Automatic Pinpointing and Depth Estimation

Our controllers feature automatic pinpointing and depth estimation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in utility locating tasks. They have an ion battery pack for extended battery operating time, making it ideal for long field operations.

Leica Detection and Safety Controller Features
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Advanced Automatic Controls

Leica controllers include advanced automatic controls, simplifying the location of underground utilities using GPR equipment. These controls reduce human error, ensure accurate utility detection, and minimise asset damage risks during excavation work. 

The automatic locate process also enhances efficiency on construction sites, making utility locating more reliable.

Seamless GPS and Bluetooth Connectivity

These controllers come with GPS connections and the latest Bluetooth technology, allowing for seamless data transfer and real-time updates, enhancing workflow efficiency on construction sites.

High-Precision Digital Signal Processing

Leica Detection and Safety Controllers utilise digital signal processing to provide high-precision measurements. This technology accurately identifies and maps underground cables, pipes, and utilities.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with ion battery packs, Leica controllers offer extended battery operating times. This feature ensures reliable performance during prolonged fieldwork, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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Durable Weather-proof Design

Leica detection and safety controllers have a rugged and waterproof design, ensuring they can withstand harsh environmental conditions like rain, dust, or wind. This durability makes them reliable tools for consistent performance and usability on project sites.