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Total Station Prism | Surveying Equipment

Whether you require mini prisms, monitoring prisms, or prism assemblies, our products ensure high positional accuracy and reliable distance measuring. Each Leica prism is crafted for superior centering accuracy and durability, enhancing the performance of your Leica total station. Trust our quality prisms for consistent, accurate results in all your geosystems applications.

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What are Prisms Used For in Surveying?
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Prisms are vital in surveying because they enhance the accuracy and efficiency of distance measurements. They reflect the electronic distance measurement (EDM) signal back to the total station, ensuring precise readings.

  • Prisms ensure precise distance measurements and alignment, which is critical for accurate survey data.
  • Copper coatings and anti-reflex treatments increase the durability and performance of prisms.
  • Prisms are ideal for monitoring, construction, and geospatial data collection, accommodating various survey needs.
  • Prisms help reduce measurement errors, increasing productivity in surveying tasks.

Our prisms are compatible with different Leica total stations and various surveying equipment for flexible applications.

How Accurate are Leica Prisms?
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Leica prisms are engineered for the highest accuracy in surveying, providing exceptional centring and distance measuring capabilities. They feature advanced coatings and materials to ensure reliable and precise readings, even in challenging conditions.

What are the Primary Features of Our Leica Prisms?
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  • Precision and Versatility 

The Leica GRZ101 360 Degree Mini Reflector offers full 360-degree reflectivity, making it ideal for short-range measurements and versatile applications. It provides accurate readings from any angle, enhancing the efficiency of your surveying tasks. 

  • Superior Accuracy 

The Leica GRZ122 360 Reflector Prism ensures high accuracy and efficiency for robotic total station measurements. Its advanced design delivers precise readings, even in challenging environments, making it a reliable, professional choice.

  • High-Performance 

The Leica MPR122 360 Prism is engineered for high-performance applications. It offers full 360-degree reflectivity and robust construction, making it perfect for dynamic surveying tasks requiring accurate and reliable data.

  • Unparalleled Durability 

The Leica GRZ4 360 Prism provides excellent accuracy and durability for all-round reflectivity. Its robust build ensures reliable performance in various conditions, making it an essential tool for precise measurements.

  • Compact and Reliable 

The Leica GMP111-0 Mini Prism is compact yet highly accurate, ideal for close-range measurements. Its design allows for easy setup and reliable performance, enhancing productivity in the field.

  • Enhanced Performance 

The Leica GPR111 Circ Prism features a circular design that ensures high accuracy and durability, making it suitable for long-range measurements. It is an excellent choice for surveyors needing reliable and precise data.

  • High Precision 

The Leica GPR121 Prism offers high precision and reliability for distance measurements. Its superior design ensures accurate data capture, making it indispensable for professional surveying tasks. 

  • Portable Convenience

The Leica GLI115 Clip on Bubble enhances the accuracy of mini prisms by ensuring perfect levelling. Its easy-to-attach design improves measurement reliability, making it a practical addition to your surveying equipment.