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With LOC8 you can track and locate your total station remotely by simply using your mobile phone or computer

For all business owners and employees of Survey & Mapping, Civil Engineering and Building Construction industries, LOC8 is an essential addition to total stations. With the flexibility to receive position updates as frequently as once every minute, always know where your instruments are in the field. Set up multiple geo fences around job-sites and be alerted when instruments are on the move and exits a geo fenced area.

LOC8 not only doubles up as a great tracking and fleet management tool, it is also a great theft deterrence solution. With the ability to remotely lock and unlock total stations on demand, when required, with just a click of a button through your app or web account. Upon locking your instrument remotely, it will be immediately detected when the instrument is powered on, leaving the instrument unusable which also lowers any incentive for theft.

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