300mm Ground Mark Spike

6.50 excl VAT (8.00 incl VAT)


Manufactured from high quality steel sheathed in a tough polyethylene material. Designed for maximum grip in a variety of soil conditions. Flat head only. Has a bullet point tip for accurate precision, allowing it to be driven into the hardest of soils. The polyethylene sheath is deeply ribbed with a series of barbed anchors to give a firm hold in the ground.

Overall diameter of the ribbed marker is 22mm.  The two unique Ground-Mark yellow heads are manufactured from high impact polyethylene, resistant to high temperature changes and UV radiation. When installed, the heads become an integral part of the spike ensuring greater stability. Site data can be marked on the heads with a marker pen.  A special sealing cap is provided with each Ground-Mark. They have concentric rings and a plumb point recess in the centre allowing for accurate alignment of prism poles.

No special tools needed. Simply place the marker head in the desired position and drive the Ground-Mark through the head with a standard lump hammer.

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