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Intuitive software packages for building construction applications

Leica iCON build construction software provides you with unseen versatility and flexibility. Improve speed, performance, and accuracy when you carry out all positioning related tasks with just one software solution.

Real-Time In-Field Verification

Fast, accurate verification in building construction is a top concern for our customers. The iCON field verification app allows contractors to extend their possibilities through the use of multiple integrated sensors, allowing for easier, more complete and real-time verification on site. Out of tolerance areas are immediately available for layout, for quick decision making and corrective measures to reduce unnecessary rework and costs at later stages of the project.

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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Using the same, interchangeable user interface means you only need to learn its functionality once resulting in less training, increased motivation and keeping your investment to a minimum.
  • Works with all iCON products. The ability to exchange hardware between various construction sites, projects and site personnel maximizes your flexibility and reduces downtime.
  • Exceptional layout functionality with new Object Layout App.
  • Exceptional layout functionality
  • Superior one-person operation
  • Complete customizable solution
  • Straightforward software design

Combine Leica iCON build software with a Leica Builder series total station for following applications:

  • Layout of buildings, courts, parking lots, gardens
  • Stake-out of excavation pits, batter boards, reference lines
  • As-built of foundations, structures
  • Facade measurement 

Combine Leica iCON build software with Leica iCON robot 50 or Leica iCON robot 60 robotic total station for the following applications:

  • One-person layout and stake-out applications
  • As-built of foundations, structures
  • Layout control lines, formwork, and utilities
  • Volume determination
  • 3D control of graders, dozers, and paving machines

Combine Leica iCON build software with Leica iCON gps 60 SmartAntenna and an iCON field controller for:

  • Grade checks and elevation check of poured concrete
  • Volume calculation of a stockpile or pit
  • Checking of surfaces
  • Cut & fill measurements
  • Stake-out and slope control of driveway
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