Leica Lino L6R 3×360° RED Multi Line Laser

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Precision alignment red multi-line laser 

Three 360° thin, crisp and clearly visible red laser lines, two vertical, and one horizontal, which are exactly at the right angle (90°) to one another.

Working range

The 360° laser lines have an operating range of up to 25 meters / 82 feet, depending on lighting conditions. This means that the Lino L6R achieves laser line projections of up to 50 meters / 164 feet in diameter. This range can be easily extended up to 140 meters / 460 feet by using the RGR200 laser receiver.

Construction site proof 

The Lino L6R is designed for tough environments. It is shock absorbent and protected against dust and splash water (IP54).

Multi-directional alignment 

You can position the cross section (plumb point) of the two vertical laser lines where it is required and then rotate the two horizontal laser lines by ± 10° while the position of the plumb point stays in place. This allows you to position the laser lines of the Lino L6R much faster.

Magnetic adapters 

Magnetic adapters allow for easy positioning to wall moldings, metal poles, and bars; perfect for suspended ceiling installations, transferring reference heights and complex drywall installations.

Preferred settings

You can individually select each red 360° laser line and its power mode to be turned on or off when the device starts up; meaning your 3×360° laser remembers your preferred settings on set up.


  • Horizontal and two vertical 360° red laser lines
  • High visibility due to red Ultra-power laser diodes
  • Self-levelling over wide range
  • Fixed plumb point due to integrated base
  • Adjustable strength of laser lines
  • Operating range of up to 25 metres
  • Li-Ion power for up to 36 h operation
  • Uninterrupted working with Triple-Power concept
  • Smart magnetic adapters for easy positioning
Kit Includes
  • Leica Lino L6R
  • Twist 250 magnetic adapter
  • UAL 130 Wall mount adapter
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Charger for Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery tray for Alkaline
  • Target plate
  • Quick start guide
  • Calibration Certificate Blue
  • Hard case
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