Leica NA724 Automatic Level

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When you need an automatic level that can handle the harshest jobsite conditions without sacrificing precision, turn to the Leica NA724 level. This incredibly rugged optical level is renowned in the construction industry for its exceptional toughness and accuracy – even when faced with hazards like drops, water exposure, vibrations and more.

Advanced Optical Excellence

The Leica NA724 level features one of the finest optical systems available with a specialized compensator for extremely accurate line-of-sight over any distance. High-resolution crosshair optics enable easy targeting and clear viewing even in dim lighting conditions. Fast dual-sided endless drives speed point acquisition.

The NA724 level delivers unrivaled performance for infrastructure, commercial or residential construction sites.

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  • 24x magnification
  • Upright telescope image
  • Gas filled telescope
  • 36mm objective diameter
  • 50cm short focus distance
  • 360 degree / 400 gon selectable angle measurement
  • 10`/ 2mm circular bubble
  • Endless Horizontal Drive
  • 2mm double run accuracy
  • ± 15` working range
  • Water resistant
  • -20 to +50 °C operating temperature
  • 1.6 kg total weight
  • 19cm x 12cm x 12cm
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