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Leica TruView – Reality Capture Data Anywhere

Leica TruView is a free, intuitive reality capture data viewer that allows you to share digital reality models including point clouds, images, and designs with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

TruView provides a smart and user-friendly way for your entire project ecosystem to access, view, analyze, and collaborate using all your reality capture data – point clouds, images, design models, markups and more. It works seamlessly with LGS files and Cyclone ENTERPRISE, offering both desktop and browser-based experiences for maximum flexibility across devices.

TruView Cloud – Digital Reality Access Redefined Take collaboration to the next level with TruView Cloud, available via Leica’s trusted Cyclone Cloud portal. This cloud-hosted solution removes deployment barriers, providing an enterprise-grade collaboration platform in a secure, managed environment.


Quick and easy deployment in just minutes. Instantly synchronize markups for rapid communication. Meet tight project deadlines through efficient collaboration.


Publish data of any size – from a few scans to thousands. Configure unlimited portals for different teams/clients. Control user access permissions with precision.


No installation required, access via web browser. Works across devices – laptops, smartphones, tablets. View, measure, annotate reality capture data intuitively. Collaborate effortlessly by sharing a wide range of data formats.

Share and collaborate around your digital reality like never before with Leica TruView – the industry-leading reality capture viewer. Experience seamless accessibility and communication for maximum project insight.

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