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This is the newest firmware update for the BLK360

  • Data transfer over cable

    To have a faster and more robust data transfer of scans from the Leica BLK360 to a computing device v2.1.0 supports the data transfer over LAN cable

  • Data transfer using a direct LAN communication to a computing device

    The direct LAN communication to a computing device requires no existing network structure and can very easily be setup, even when being out in the field. (See release notes for requirements)

  • Data transfer using LAN infrastructure

    The direct LAN settings configure the Leica BLK360 as DHCP server, which provides an IP to the connected computing device

  • Requirements for direct LAN communication

    All BLK360 sensor with a serial number of 3507273 or higher do support the LAN cable feature. All BLK360 devices supporting the LAN communication will be delivered without the USB-C plug cover.

  • LAN upgrade kit for Leica BLK360

    Leica BLK360 devices with a serial number lower than 3507273 can be upgraded to support the LAN feature.

  • Issue fixed in v2.1.0

    • Memory
      Version 2.0.1 fixes an issue, where the user was not informed when the internal memory was full

Available now for all Leica BLK360 scanners!

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