Leica Disto S910

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Measure anything, anywhere, with unprecedented speed and accuracy using the revolutionary Leica DISTO S910. This groundbreaking laser distance meter captures multiple precise measurements in three dimensions from a single location – radically improving efficiency for any measuring task.

Engineered for Inaccessible Measurement

The ground-breaking Point-to-Point (P2P) Technology in the S910 allows you to quickly and accurately measure distances, areas and angles for even the most inaccessible spaces – all from a single position up to 300m away.

With P2P, you’ll never need to climb ladders, access hard-to-reach areas, or put yourself in hazardous positions to capture measurements again. Simply take two measurements and the S910 calculates the precise distance between the points.

Seamless CAD/BIM Data Capture

All captured measurement points can be saved directly as a DXF file on the S910 for seamless integration into AutoCAD, Revit and other CAD/BIM software platforms. Download via USB to a PC for a fully digitized, documentation workflow that saves time and money.

300m X-Range Power

X-Range laser technology gives the S910 an unprecedented 300m maximum range while maintaining an accuracy of ±1mm – even on poorly reflecting surfaces like wood, concrete or bare ground. Pair with the large touchscreen display and outdoor pointfinder camera for easy longrange targeting. With the Leica FTA360-S tripod adapter and TRI75 or TRI100 tripod guarantee easy and precise targeting.

The Leica DISTO S910 transforms how site documentation, roof measurement, estimating and other measurement tasks are performed. With revolutionary P2P 3D measurement from a single position, it unlocks measurements for spaces previously too hazardous or inaccessible.


  • Smart Base for P2P Technology
  • Pointfinder with 4x zoom for effortless targeting
  • X-Range Power Technology for maximum measurement functioning
  • 360° tilt sensor
  • DXF data capture
  • Data transfer in real-time with WLAN
  • Bluetooth® Smart
  • Free Leica DISTOâ„¢ sketch App


Kit Includes
  • Leica DISTO S910 laser distance meter
  • Smart Base Extension
  • Holster
  • Hand loop
  • USB charger incl. 4 plugs
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