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Leica GS07 GNSS Smart Antenna

€100/Day , €350/Week

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Our lightweight, most compact antenna

The GS07 is Leica Geosystems’ new mid-range GNSS smart antenna. It is the lightweight, yet a robust piece of equipment which comes with functionality focused on exactly what you need, with the highest quality levels one would expect from a premium Leica Geosystems GNSS portfolio.

The GS07 guarantees fast and reliable stake out and data capture combined in an easy-to-use rover with 320 channels, multi frequency and multi constellation. It also supports expansion of communication devices such as UHF radios which are fully integrated in the CS20. Through its connectivity to Leica Captivate field software and the Leica CS20 field controller, the GS07 delivers true Leica Geosystems quality.

Engaging software

The GS07 GNSS RTK sensor combines seamlessly with the completely engaging Leica Captivate software for a powerfully immersive experience. Through the simplicity of touch, management of complex data is made extraordinarily enjoyable and actionable. Leica Captivate spans industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe, regardless of whether you work with GNSS, total stations or both.

Infinite possibilities

While Captivate captures and models data in the field, Leica Infinity processes the information back in the office. A smooth data transfer ensures the project stays on track. Captivate and Infinity work in conjunction to join previous survey data and edit projects faster and more efficiently.


  • 320 channels, multi-frequency, and multi-constellation
  • typically 6s of time for installation
  • GNSS technology Leica RTKplus, reliability 99.95 %
  • Signal tracking SmartTrack BeiDou (B1, B2, B32), Galileo (E1, E5a, E5b, Alt-BOC, E62),
  • 5 Hz20 Hz positioning
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 65°C
  • IP68 proof against water, sand and dust
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