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The Marksman equipment with the calibrated greed laser module is the ultimate tool for quick and accurate construction layout. Whether your laying-out multiple points, setting gridlines, setting control point or setting/measuring traverse points – measure hands-free with consistent repeatability. Ideal for layout on concrete and for setting mechanical, electrical and piping fixtures/inserts on form decks.

This product is equipped with 5/8-11 thread and can easily be configured with a rod point for increased versatility.

Additional Information

Kit Include: 

  • Collimated Green Laser Module (5mW Class IIIa) with Illuminated Green Switch and internal 2AAA Battery Pack with long lasting Lithium batteries included.
  • 3/4″ Anodized Red Aluminum Tooling Plate
  • ATA Rated Custom Case 1″ Dense Foam Insert for secure storage and transport
  • Anodized Aluminum Adjustable Comfort Grip Handle
  • (3) Swivel Feet for easy leveling on uneven surfaces
  • 2.25″ dia Level Bubble (10′ / 0.1″ Sensitivity)
  • Target Swivel Adaptor – Rotate Prism without changing height


***Prism and Data Collector not included.

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