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The unmanned operation solution is a full-integrated innovative solution for 3D bathymetric surveys and is widely used for different types of research including hydrology, leakage, water-quality studies, the contour of streams and reservoirs, storage and fill-in reservoirs and ponds, etc. Carries up to 15 kg of payload and is completely autonomous, it is safely operated from the shore.

Offers an unmanned operation solution with a shallow draft, high navigational accuracy, and stable hovering for hydrologists.

Light-weight and strong – Easily carry and operate the USV in various harsh environments. Made from carbon brazing Kevlar cloth composite material, which is acid and alkali resistant to ensure longer service time.

Impressive endurance – Work up to 6 hours at a cruising speed of 1.5 – 2 m/s, with the intelligent lithium battery.

Dual communication – Stable and accurate data transfer at any time, supported by 2.4G Wi-Fi and 4G network for extended range.

Multiple safety mechanisms – Check the working status of the USV in real-time, supported by the full view camera. The ultrasonic obstacles avoidance module can help to avoid obstacles and has multiple low-voltage and safe return features to ensure safe navigation.

Sensor – The survey grade dual frequency echo sounder is the ideal solution to determine the thickness and distribution of sediment necessary for pre-dredging work.

Additional Information

Dual Frequency Single-beam Echo Sounder

High Low
Frequency 200Khz 20Khz
Beam angle 20°
Sounding range 0.3 – 200m 0.5 – 600m
Resolution 0.01m
Data output RS-232, depth data format can be customised
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